Segment Marketing for Better Business

This is the summary of a behavioral targeting article by It talks about the importance of market segmentation, and the fact that for market segments to work they should be durable, substantial, accessible, identifiable and caters to unique needs. Here’s the link to the original behavioral targeting article: Market Segmentation.

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Student Target Marketing Strategies for Universities

This is the summary of an article by Dale M. Lewison and Jon M. Hawes.  It talks about the benefits of both target marketing and mass marketing for colleges and universities that are adopting marketing strategies. Researchers come up with buyer types depending on whether students prioritize economy, value or quality. There are also learner types who choose among  leisure, socio-improvement, or focus. The study introduces a conceptual market segments model that allows higher education institutions to know more about the student market. You can get the pdf of the behavioral targeting article here: Student Target Marketing Strategies for Universities

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Top 10 Blog posts about Behavioral Targeting in 2010

Behavioral Targeting is a hot topic. Still. And it will be in 2011. Promised!

Those were the hottest (most read) blog posts of 2010 in the Behavioral Targeting Blog. We thank all readers for a great year 2010 and we will continue to supply you with the hottest behavioral targeting news in 2011.

Top 1: Targeting Strategies

Funny enough this one made it to the top. It’s actually not just about behavioral targeting, but it tries to paint the big pictures. Reading this article gives you a chance to understand how behavioral targeting can fit into a general marketing and advertising mix.

Top 2: Behavioral Targeting “still” the next big thing

This articles probably made it to the top, because it had tons and tons of search terms in it. Actually most of the articles consisted of searches that lead people to the blog. But I guess my take on “why behavioral targeting is there to stay” is not too bad either.

Top 3: Segmentation Strategy

Another article that is more Wikipedia-style than news-style. It’s basically about how to find the right customers for your products – which in turn enhances your chances of them actually buying from you. Nice!

Top 4: Behavioral Targeting

This is a senior on the blog. It’s about … you might have guessed it … behavioral targeting. This is a nice one to link to from other blogs, when referring to the concept of behavioral targeting. Thanks for linking!

Top 5: Behavioral targeting trends 2010

The titel suggest some prophecy-style insights into the world of behavioral targeting. It’s not. This is more a guideline of where we are moving in general with internet marketing. BT has an important role to play – this will also be true in 2011.

Top 6: Case study: Consumer Tracking on

For some reason lot’s of people have heard about this specific instance of great marketing and were looking for more information on it. We were happy to supply them with it.

Top 7: Behavioral Targeting: New Killer App for Research

We are not just crazy about the possibilities of behavioral targeting, but we are also scientists. Actually we bring a very interesting mix of knowledge in the field of behavioral science and physics (and general IT knowledge) to the table. Thus it is only natural we are interesting in every possible way to hack behavioral targeting for research. And then feed that back into the loop…

Top 8: When to use behavioral data in marketing

A tactic without a strategy is – hm – often not very efficient. And while behavioral targeting is a great tool, it needs to fit into your strategy to make sense. Thus we tried widen the perspective and look at what works when and how. Great stuff to consider if you are planning to launch your campaign.

Top 9: Target Marketing

This is another Wiki-style article about the concept of target marketing. I think people actually enjoy reading stuff that is en-depth, but not too complex. Makes a good read on your iPad while sipping a high quality Cappuccino.

Top 10: Targeting & Retargeting Interview with Criteo

Last, but not least: This is the first interview we did. it made it into the top 10, which I hope for – as we are preparing many more interviews with companies that are leading the field of behavioral targeting. Expect more expert insight for CEO, CTO and other O’s that have something interesting to say.

Thank you all for reading the Blog – we’ll be back after the ad’s (-:

PS: Oh and by the way – if you want to request specific topics, feel free to contact us. We’ll do our best to delier you the information that you need to succeed online in 2011.

Target Marketing

Target Marketing can be defined several different ways, but in general it is the practice of gearing your advertisements or marketing efforts directly to a specific group of consumers who would be the most interested in your product or service. While target marketing employs many other components of marketing such as consumer research, behavioral studies, and market knowledge in general, it is a broad term or concept that can turn your marketing efforts and sales profits around overnight if practiced correctly.

The basic concept of target marketing is to research your audience so that you can proactively find them and present your product instead of waiting for them to stumble upon you. For instance, if you owned a business that specializes in hunting gear you may place advertisements on websites that offer detailed hunting tips or location guidelines. Conversely, you may decide to include this information on your website since you target audience may be searching for it. Thus, your marketing efforts clearly only reach the people who are truly interested in your product instead of a wide range of people out of which only a few may be interested in hunting.

Target marketing is best used alongside consumer research and in the online world along with behavioral research that denotes the browsing habits of those who purchase your products. This is because when you know what the needs and wants of your audience are then you know where to find them when it comes time to producing a marketing project. You can see a great deal of target marketing employed on most major auction sites such as eBay and Amazon when they provide users with related products.

The related products are usually products purchased by customers who looked at the same products as you. Thus, the company targets their marketing efforts to you because based on their consumer research they feel you are most likely to purchase their items. While you can emulate this basic recommendation process on your own website, if you are a startup company your best use of targeting marketing would be to identify browsing habits.

This is because you need to understand how to draw your target audience to your website, and the best way to find them is by identifying locations they already visit. There you can market products or services directly to them. With the astounding growth rate of the internet target marketing is continuing to grow into a very specialized highly marketable skill. If you decide to use target marketing you can find a wide variety of consultants who can provide you with consumer research. That way your target marketing efforts will be most efficient.