Target Marketing

Target Marketing can be defined several different ways, but in general it is the practice of gearing your advertisements or marketing efforts directly to a specific group of consumers who would be the most interested in your product or service. While target marketing employs many other components of marketing such as consumer research, behavioral studies, and market knowledge in general, it is a broad term or concept that can turn your marketing efforts and sales profits around overnight if practiced correctly.

The basic concept of target marketing is to research your audience so that you can proactively find them and present your product instead of waiting for them to stumble upon you. For instance, if you owned a business that specializes in hunting gear you may place advertisements on websites that offer detailed hunting tips or location guidelines. Conversely, you may decide to include this information on your website since you target audience may be searching for it. Thus, your marketing efforts clearly only reach the people who are truly interested in your product instead of a wide range of people out of which only a few may be interested in hunting.

Target marketing is best used alongside consumer research and in the online world along with behavioral research that denotes the browsing habits of those who purchase your products. This is because when you know what the needs and wants of your audience are then you know where to find them when it comes time to producing a marketing project. You can see a great deal of target marketing employed on most major auction sites such as eBay and Amazon when they provide users with related products.

The related products are usually products purchased by customers who looked at the same products as you. Thus, the company targets their marketing efforts to you because based on their consumer research they feel you are most likely to purchase their items. While you can emulate this basic recommendation process on your own website, if you are a startup company your best use of targeting marketing would be to identify browsing habits.

This is because you need to understand how to draw your target audience to your website, and the best way to find them is by identifying locations they already visit. There you can market products or services directly to them. With the astounding growth rate of the internet target marketing is continuing to grow into a very specialized highly marketable skill. If you decide to use target marketing you can find a wide variety of consultants who can provide you with consumer research. That way your target marketing efforts will be most efficient.