Company: eXelate
Website: http://www.exelate.com/

Address:  7 West 22nd Street, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10010, Tel: + 1 646 360-4400

What does eXelate offer?

eXelate is the data engine powering privacy-safe audience data access within the digital advertising ecosystem.

Through participation on the eXelate eXchange and access to proprietary data management tools such as eXelate’s teXi, data buyers build an instant behavioral targeting function and optimize their campaign delivery, while data sellers gain direct control over their audience data distribution and build a new privacy–friendly income stream.

The eXchange includes over 50 top ad network, agency and demand-side platform buyers and dozens of leading publishers, who deliver targeting data on nearly 200 million U.S. unique users in verticals including Business-to-Business, Auto, Travel, Finance, Shopping and registration-based Demographics.