Behavioral targeting trends 2010

The coming of the Internet marketing

Internet marketing is an exponentially growing trend in business today; however for most of the 20th century, advertising relied on traditional ways to disseminate information through conventional media. The results are good, but the expenses are colossal. The coming of the Internet marketing has brought in major impact on how advertisements are being done. One of those innovations is behavioral targeting. To date, the concept is not so new but its influence is greatly becoming popular as the battle for ROI (return of investment) stiffens with the fierce competition.

The need for effective advertising

The need for effective advertising is a glaring issue for entrepreneurs in this year and for years to come. Behavioral marketing provides effective ways to advertise to marginal groups that have the potential to buy it. The year 2010 is an excellent opportunity to expand its market and broaden its acceptability to entrepreneurs and consumers alike. The use of individual behavior in the internet on sites they usually view, purchases they made, and other activities is such a powerful tool to identify the needs of individual. The strategies may seem to have change over the years but the purpose is always the same for marketing and that is to earn profit at minimal expense.

Future behavioral targeting methods

The trends for behavioral targeting has a different curve for the year 2010 and onwards, as the category for targeting will now include family size, gender, age and income to perfectly accommodate not only the needs of individual but also his family; taking into consideration their purchasing power. With the addition of correct information, the products and services that will be offered will also be tailor fit to every aspect of the consumer. Behavioral targeting methods are also being developed with the building of a new platform that accurately measures the attributes of the audience in addition to impression, click and conversion metrics. This tool will be effective in providing advertisers with accurate picture of the specific audience that saw and interacted with each of its ads. The audience is calculated by variable and customizable metrics applicable to each marketer. These insights not only define and track audience metrics, but also help shape future marketing and even product decisions.

Reading the minds of consumers

The use of SEO and SEM to direct traffic in the internet is a successful tool in conquering the internet marketing supremacy. Reading the minds of consumers is a battle for behavioral targeting to be surmounted this present market situation. Predicting however is never an exact science as the history tells about it.  Forecasting the future needs can be as simple as looking at the calendar. Subtle weather changes and holidays can drive sales for specific business. According to the book “Reading Virtual Minds(aff) by a behavioral scientist Joseph Carrabis – Through computers, we can be able to identify future behaviors recognizing the overt and covert cues from individual consumers. Understanding the inherent possibilities of consumers can help advertisers to mount actions to take advantage of it.


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