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April 22, 2011

in Behavioral Marketing

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Behavioral marketing is the science of studying consumers actions in order to determine what products, topics, or conditions influence their decision to purchase a new product. In short, it is way to present a consumer with conditions that will make a new purchase possible certain, which is why it is a study of psychology and behavioral patterns. For online companies it often includes studying browser habits of potential consumes to discover what makes them buy and what their buying tendencies are. A great example of behavioral marketing is selling popular related items next to a news story that viewers of the story will find interesting enough to click over to.

This information can be very useful to those who wish to save money and time while marketing their products. That is because the aim of behavioral marketing is to search out and find your target audience so that your marketing efforts hit the people who are most likely to purchase your product. You can spend time waiting for your target audience to find you, or you can simply take some efforts to find them. This is because once you know how your consumers shop you know exactly how to advertise where they can see you.

By now you may be wonder what behavioral marketing is, well the truth is that the easiest way to practice behavioral marketing is to hire a consultant team. Online it can be as simple as tracing and watching your customers browsing habits. You have probably already noticed large websites such as Amazon that offer you lists such as their popular customers who bought this also bought X.

This is an example of behavioral marketing in which Amazon takes its data to market additional purchases to customers while they browse. Amazon also utilizes a clever trick when they take their behavioral marketing to the next level and offer higher priced but appealing combination deals to get you to purchase two products instead of just one.

So how can you use behavioral marketing? If you are a large company you probably have an extensive list of product data and sales that you can utilize to figure out what your customers want, which is a good reflection of what your target audience wants overall. However, smaller companies may not have as large of a data collection in which case hiring companies such as Google Adsense, Facebook ads, or other marketing companies that will place your marketing efforts in the correct place for you using behavioral marketing techniques.

With the proper utilization of your data or of behavioral marketing companies you can increase your sales without spending an immense amount of money. And if the current internet landscape is a proper indication of the future, behavioral marketing is simply going to become more vital as time passes. Therefore, it is beneficial for you to jump on board now, or risk falling behind in the competitive landscape of the Internet.

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